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The resistance to earth of a given electrode depends upon the electrical resistivity of the soil in which it is installed. To improve earthing effectiveness, it is possible to increase the earth’s conductivity by enhancing its absorption and retaining power and increases its richness with charge carrying ions plus eliminating the possibilities of corrosion.
Moisture content is one of the controlling factors in earth resistivity. However moisture alone is not the predominant factor in the low resistivity of soils; for example, earth electrodes driven directly in the beds of rivers or mountain streams may present very high resistance to earth. If the water is relatively pure, it will be high resistivity and unless the soil contains sufficient natural elements to form a conducting electrolyte, the abundance of water will not provide the soil with adequate conductivity.
Earth conductivity is however essentially electrolytic in nature and is affected by the moisture content of the soil and by the chemical composition with concentration of conductive minerals.
Besides, it’s important to note that lower the resistivity, lower the resistance value and more corrosion. Therefore a good earthing should ensure balance between low soil resistivity and low corrosion level and it should not leach into ground or does not contain any hazardous chemicals.
Excel Earthings concentrated on this factors and provided “Electrical Earthing Compound” an eco- friendly and cost-effective product, which can perform in any weather, seasonal variations and different soil conditions.
It is thus essential to understand the technique of altering the soil resistivity by Excel Earthing Compound
Enhances ionic properties of the soil; reduces soil resistivity.
Remains around the electrodes; does not get washed (Gel Substance).
Increase life span of earthing system; protects from corrosion.

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